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Chang Zhou Huada Kejie Opto-Electro Instrument Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise. The company has successively won the "14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th China Patent Awards" national honors, the 10th Jiangsu Province Patent Excellence Award, and the first Changzhou Patent Award. Excellence Award and the 5th Changzhou Patent Excellence Award.

In 2018, the company passed the "Intellectual Property Management System Certification", and in 2019, it was rated as "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise". In 2020, it will continue to pass the ISO9001:2015 system certification audit of TüV Rheinland. The products exported by the company have passed CE\FCC\SVHC\FDA\CB certification. In 2021, it will be appraised as a "Zhonglou District Mayor Quality" unit by the People's Government of Zhonglou District, Changzhou City.

Enterprise Patent

patent numberCN201510224657.0

patent number CN201710514798.5

patent number CN201510556694.1

patent number CN201510195259.0

patent number CN201510224657.0

"A central threading positioning device"

by using the central threading positioning device, the influence of the electrical connection line on the gravity pendulum is minimized, and the gravity pendulum is in the center position, and finally realizes the It meets the high precision requirements of the laser marking instrument. The central threading positioning device has ingenious design, simplified structure, cost saving and remarkable use effect, and is currently widely used in laser marking instruments.

R&D Core Competencies

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, taking technology research and development and personnel training as the basic goals of the company's development. It has built a technical research and development team with rich experience and strong innovation ability. 80% of the designers have a bachelor's degree or above. In product research and development, according to the development of science and technology and the needs of the market, the company strengthens exchanges and cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes and professional institutions. Create benefits. At present, based on four major product platforms, the company has developed and expanded various types of line throwers, swingers, rangefinders, and receivers, which have greatly satisfied the needs of many internationally renowned companies, including Hilti, Leica, Stanely, and MK. The product demand has won unanimous praise and has a high reputation in the international market. At the same time, the company keeps a close eye on the forefront of scientific and technological development, actively explores measurement technology, infrared technology, magnetic induction detection technology, deeply integrates various technologies, and builds a digital and intelligent next-generation platform for laser tools.

Our Service

Huada's main experience business is the research and development, production, manufacturing and sales of micro-laser measuring instruments, providing customers with solutions around surveying and mapping problems.

Huada Company re-innovated on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign technologies, and independently innovated on the basis of overseas training and developed its own core technologies, which laid a solid foundation for the future development of the company. The company has a number of core patented technologies, as well as the support of excellent foreign technical teams, including technical experts from the United States and Japan, who plan, develop, design and guide.

Project Management:

Huada Corporation provides the best value proposition for the surveying construction surveying tools industry.

Huada Company follows mutual respect, mutual trust, fair cooperation with major customers around the world, and establishes international, cross-continental, cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary cooperative relations.

Because we share the same values with our customers, Huada will share with every customer we cooperate with: the best experience in all aspects of the project development process.

After-Sale Maintenance

Huada has established after-sales service centers in the United States, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, among which HNSC in the Netherlands is the largest after-sales service center in Europe. These repair centers all use the same Huada equipment and carry out the same personnel training. They are all trained, tested and certified before they can provide after-sales services for OEM and ODM customers.

Products & Applications

Our products can meet the fields of architectural decoration measurement, engineering road construction,
pipeline and mine construction, industrial equipment installation, long-distance obstacle avoidance and remote target positioning.

Digital Intelligence

Chang ZhouHuada Kejie Opto-Electro Instrument Co., Ltd. improves product accuracy and quality with the help of self-developed laser precision evaluation system in the manufacturing process.
On the basis of the original generation of laser precision evaluation system, the optimization and upgrade has been carried out to realize the data management of product calibration accuracy and ensure the integrity and safety of product production data. At the same time, the stability of the system platform has also been improved, and it has won unanimous praise and recognition from domestic and foreign customers.
Through the query interface of the new generation of laser precision evaluation system, it is possible to retrieve the calibration record data of any instrument product in real time, which improves the convenience of traceability.
Combined with the new generation of laser precision evaluation system, the company has implemented the MES production and manufacturing execution system to realize the data-based management and control of the entire manufacturing process and improve the precise control over the delivery of production orders.
Develop the digital economy, promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and create a digital industry cluster with international competitiveness." It is the country's 14th five-year plan for national economic and social development and Proposals for the 2035 Vision. Under the big wave of the three-year action plan policy proposed by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the company invested and built a large number of automated equipment systems, which promoted the improvement of the enterprise's production efficiency and efficiency goals, and laid a solid foundation for the later intelligent digital transformation. Base. The company will be committed to improving the manufacturing process level of the entire industry for a long time, leading the transformation and development of the laser tool industry, creating digital and intelligent products for customers, and contributing Huada standards, Huada strength, and Huada wisdom to the development of industrial clusters. Finally, it will become a new generation of digital benchmark factory in the industry.