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Good news! Our engineering technology research centre was awarded excellent


Recently, in accordance with the requirements of "Management Measures of Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center" (Su Keji [2006] No. 101, Su Caijiao [2006] No. 24) and "Notice on the Performance Evaluation of Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center in 2023" (Su Keji Letter [2023] No. 7), commissioned by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau conducted the performance evaluation of 155 provincial engineering technology research centres in the jurisdiction. The performance appraisal of 155 provincial-level engineering and technology research centres under the jurisdiction of Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau was carried out. After the process of material declaration, formal review, expert evaluation and due diligence, the "Jiangsu High Precision Self-Level Laser Building Mapping Engineering Technology Research Center" owned by our company won the excellent performance evaluation!

Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Centre is a scientific research and development entity relying on key scientific research institutions with strong scientific and technological strength in relevant industries or fields in Jiangsu Province, high-tech enterprises above the provincial level and universities, mainly carrying out engineering technology research, testing and complete sets of technical services, etc. The declaration is restricted from 2022, and performance evaluation is conducted once every three years to implement the elimination mechanism. Among the 155 enterprises participating in the assessment, only 47 were rated as excellent, accounting for 30.3%; 99 were qualified, accounting for 63.9%; and 8 unqualified centres were eliminated.

The way of heaven rewards hard work, the force of cultivation, down-to-earth, sharpening forward. Huada will continue to take this as motivation, give full play to the technical advantages of Changzhou laser distance measurement industry, expand the application fields of laser instruments, accelerate the restructuring of the laser instrument industry and achieve sustainable innovative development!